Devanagala Ancient Temple

Another exciting place that guest at Green Leaves Garden can visit is Devanagala ancient temple which is located 6km away from your home away home.The importance of building this temple is, it is believed that god “Dedimunda” stayed on this rock. Therefore the villagers called the rock “The place where the god stayed”. In Sinhala “Deviyan weda sisti gala” later became “Devanagala”
This temple on this widely spread rock was built in the Polonnaruwa era by king “Parakkaramabahu” the great(1153-1186)

Another specialty of this cave type temple is its location, as the 360 degree view from the top of the rock is a very picturesque one.A wide range of mountains are visible from this point like “Uthuwankanda”,”Umbalakanda”,”Bathalegala”.

In 1941 this ancient temple was declared as a protected archeological site. As well this temple has an ancient inscription made by king parakramabahu stating the donation of the land around to one of his commanders called “Kirthi Nuwaragala” who lead a battalion against Burma and for the victory he gained against Burmese king. On the publication “Lakdiva Sellipi” a translation of this inscription can be found.

On this 600 feet high rock there is a sthupa and a shrine room built on pillars and also 360 degree view is spectacular. And there are manmade  stone steps to the temple from the bottom of the rock.Best time of the day to visit this temple is in the evening as you can enjoy the view with the sun set.