The whole Story began a few years before, in 2011, when Anuhska and Asanka met Andreas and his girlfriend in the Train from Pollgahawela to Bandarawela, and gets into a Chat with him. He was looking for some good accommodation, where Anushka was able to help him with some useful hints.

Even though the Train Journey has ended in Bandarawela, Anushkas and Andreas friendship is still going on.
Two years later, Andreas introduced Anushka to a friend of him from Germany who wanted to travel to Sri Lanka, and they got in contact. Well, what to say, this Friend was the first Tourist we accommodate here in our Fathers house.

Now to get back to 2016: This first guest Jochen and his girlfriend Christine, visit us the second time, and they both like the Idea of our home garden turned into a green paradise for people who are looking for a nice and quiet place, In an authentic Sri Lankan Community with an authentic Sri Lankan neighborhood.